Unique Wedding Menus

A wedding is a time of indulgence, of pampering and feeling blessed. This is your special day and you want to indulge. There is no better way to feel indulged than by entertaining amidst a beautiful setting. However, if the food does not complement the setting, the feeling of indulgence starts to evaporate. Factory 51 Cocktail Function Venue  is Brisbanes ultimate location for a unique wedding in its industrial chic Function Room. The menu is designed using high quality, fresh produce, to ensure guests have an amazing culinary experience. An unconventional wedding option can leave your guests talking about the fantastic event for many days to come.

Interesting drinks

The reception drinks pave the way for what can be expected in due course. Along with a glass of bubbly, you can offer other interesting options like a punch, or cocktails served from vintage champagne. Even setting up a soda station, or a juice bar can provide the guests with interesting options to choose from. Another personalised option is to add drink tags to the signature cocktails or drinks that are being served.

Street carts

These work really well if you want to bring in a mix of food to the event. Carts allow you to experiment with various cuisines. You can serve anything from Asian noodles to burgers. Wedding food carts add to the fun element of a wedding. The cart gives a casual feel of guests being able to head to a van to select their favourite hot dish off the menu and find a picnic table to eat. Great for a country wedding or a casual style wedding.

Picnic food

This works really well if you are planning to have a country garden wedding. Tables of food are laden with deli style eats, fresh bread, cold meats, cheeses and sweet treats . To add to the picnic touch, hampers of food can be used for serving food.

Dessert with a twist

The final ending to a story-tale wedding should match the expectations set at the beginning. For a vintage wedding rustic apple crates piled with Kilner jars and mismatched crockery are ideal. Dessert bars  are a great option and get you to put a a few favourites on the table. For a healthy and gluten free option fruit and yogurt parfaits are great.

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