Food for thought

Wellness brings to mind a feeling of happiness mixed with bits of joy, satisfaction and a overall feeling of being nurtured. I get this feeling a lot when I fill up with wholesome foods. I also know feeling good is about making informed choices about what to eat. Green Goodness Co Yoga is all about helping people. The way they choose to do this is to help people make better choices through education, giving them the right tools and inspiring them with stories of people just like themselves achieving things they dream for Knowing about wholesome foods that energise, and addictive foods that drain the energy, can help us in making the right food choices. Wholesome foods would be foods that make you feel good long after they have been eaten. Sugary, processed and junky foods satisfy an immediate need or craving, but hours after being eaten, they leave us feeling depleted, drained , with a craving for more.

Many times our body signals to us, what is lacking within. Research has shown that certain cravings are a direct result of certain mineral and vitamin deficiencies in the body. Supplements do not provide the same healing as fresh organic food does. Natural sources of vitamins found in organic food nourishes the body whereas food devoid of nutrients take away minerals from the body. When we address a craving with the food that supplies the right nutrient, the craving goes away as the body receives the required nutrient. For example constantly getting a craving to have something salty, could signal a deficiency in the body. Knowing how your body talks to you about salt can help you figure out what you really need. Salt cravings can be an important clue or sign that your thyroid and adrenal glands may be in need of minerals. If you try and satisfy these cravings by filling yourself with table salt and processed foods, you will further upset the delicate balance within the body. However, if you choose high quality sea salts that contain an abundance of naturally balanced mineral  you will quell those cravings and help restore health.

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