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While I was breastfeeding I found that my nipple fell out of my baby's mouth. I was told to put a towel underneath for support. I thought there must be a better alternative to this so I developed the Booby Booster.

A sling, that attaches to your maternity bra. It sits under the breast while feeding, assisting the breast to stay in place.

A heavy breast can cause the nipple to drop. The Breastfeeding slinghelps avoid the nipple slipping out of the baby’s mouth while feeding, avoiding nipple damage and poor latch on.

Coming Soon

Booby Booster is proud to announce that we will be expanding our range. We will be stocking products that encourage successful breastfeeding and complement the Booby Booster.

Our first product will be the:

4-in-1 Nissen Nursing Privacy Wrap Cover

It can be used as breastfeeding cover, pregnancy poncho, canopy for stroller/car seat and lightweight blanket.

(If you can't wait email me now for details)

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